Concerns Every Doctors MUST address before Doing or Committing to Digital Marketing

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Why this program?


9 Major Concerns Every Doctors MUST address before Doing or
Committing to Digital Marketing for his or her Practice or Hospital
And answers to all those concern,too

Digital Marketing for Doctors is originated from my discussions with many Doctors who are actively running their practices, their clinics & their hospitals.

While consulting them about their practice management & growth, the issue of Digital Marketing always seems to come up. 

We used to talk at a length.

Later, when I added Digital Marketing as another service in my PMGP Program for Doctors, they started sharing with me how differently I work than other agencies or free lancers who used to handle their digital & social media promotions.

That prompted me to share all these things with you.

If you are reading this then you are the one for whom I wrote this.

In 2008 - 09, Doctors started using my Practice Management & Growth
Consulting programs to improve their visibility & Grow their practice-
quantitatively as well as qualitatively !

When I saw that digital media & Internet could help my doctor clients in reaching their ideal patients, I started working on it.

Some 5-6 years, we Launched & created a special program for Doctors called internally as D M D - Digital Marketing for Doctors & Hospitals

Over a course of a year, we tweaked, improved & enhanced it a lot. When we used it for various Doctor clients, the results were quite satisfactory.

Till now, we have been helping consulting clients only for digital marketing
including but not only limited to Doctors.

Recently we've invested heavily in various infrastructure components that have increased my small firm's capacity multi fold. And that's the reason I am approaching you today. Enough about 'me' & ‘my firm.' 

Let's talk about you.

Are you thinking about using Digital Marketing or Are you already doing Digital Marketing ?

If yes, then this Video Program will help you in getting answers to most of your concerns, issues or questions about effective digital marketing & it’s

What are your main concerns ?
While disusing with many Doctor clients, I realized that despite their teach savvy, they are somewhat hesitant or even reluctant in using digital media for their practices, their clinics or hospitals.

On deeper probing I found that they have deep concerns about some very valid points.

Let me help put up those here for you. And I’ll answer each one,too.

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